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Urdu Duniya

The monthly "Urdu Duniya" at present, is a leading magazine of Urdu news and views. This has become a trendsetter in the field of Urdu Publications because of its large circulation. Each and every topic covered in Urdu Duniya is informative, thought provoking and keeps its readers abreast of the prevalent trends in the country and abroad related to Urdu world. Price: Rs 15 per Copy and Annual Subscription Rate Rs 150.


Quarterly Urdu Journal Fikr-o-Tehqeeq is a prestigious literary magazine that covers literary criticism and research work, new pursuits and trends in the field of literature and catering the informative input for Urdu students in particular and other readers of Urdu literature in general. Price: Rs 25 per Copy and Annual Subscription Rate Rs 100.

Bachon ki Duniya

Monthly Magazine for Children ‘Bachon Ki Duniya’ is the largest circulated Urdu magazine which has been proved an instant hit after its launch in 2013. The 64 coloured pages magazine provides all sorts of articles along with pictorial graphics according to the articles that attract the attention of all children of any age. The natures of articles are scientific, cultural, historical and comical etc which hone the rational thinking of the children and enhance their scientific temperament. Price: Rs 10 per Copy and annual subscription Rate Rs.100.

Mahnama Khawateen Duniya

National Council for Promotion of Urdu language started a new magazine Mahnama Khawateen Duniya especially for Urdu knowing Khawateen (women). Fully coloured 64 pages magazine is now attracting the women of Urdu world. Stories, poems, articles, fashion, health and other women related issues are published in the magazine. The magazine was launched by the Hon’ble Human Resource Development Minister, Govt. of India, Shri Prakash Javadekar on 19th March 2017 during 4th World Urdu Conference at Scope Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. Price: Rs 10 per Copy and annual subscription Rate Rs.100.

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Khawateen Duniya

Bachon Ki Duniya

Urdu Duniya

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