Governance: Issues and Challenges

Governance: Issues and Challenges 
by Abhay Prasad Singh Krishna Murari 

Governance: Issues and Challenges offers a detailed summary of the insights into the policy and governance processes over the last seven decades in India, providing a comparative and conceptual framework of governance drawing instances from developed countries, situating governance imperatives in South Asia and finally, giving centrality to the issues and challenges of governance in India. This is also a unique attempt to address the need for a textbook on governance as per the syllabi of Indian universities. This book covers length and breadth of the topic of governance which has gained prominence since 2014.
Discussion moves from global origins and perspectives of governance to South Asia and subsequently to India
In-depth coverage of changes in the concepts of governance after the onset of globalization and revolutions in Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Core themes covered are Contemporary Discourses on Governance, State, Government and Governance, Democracy, Development and Governance, Environmental Governance, Participatory Governance and Good Governance Initiatives in India
Concise and organized coverage of entire syllabus for the topic of governance within the framework of 13 chapters distributed across six Parts
An useful text for graduate and postgraduate students, researchers and aspirants of civil and state services examination
Table of Contents Part 1 Introduction
Chapter 1 Contemporary Discourses on Governance in India
Part 2 State, Government and
Chapter 2: Government, Governance and Good Governance:
A Concept
Chapter 3: the State in India in a Globalizing World
Part 3 Democracy, Development and Governance
Chapter 4: Changing Dimensions of Development in India
Chapter 5: Strengthening Democracy through Good Governance
Part 4: Environmental
Chapter 6: Human–Environment Interaction
Chapter 7: Green Governance: Sustainable Human Development
Part 5: Participatory Governance 
Chapter 8: Democratic Decentralization and Local Governance in India
Chapter 9: People’s Participation in Governance
Part 6: Good Governance Initiatives
in India
Chapter 10: Government, Governance and Public Service Delivery in India
Chapter 11: E-Governance in India
Chapter 12: Citizen’s Charter and Right to Information in India
Chapter 13: Corporate Social Responsibility: the Indian Experience.

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