Indian Financial System

Indian Financial System, 11th Edition Paperback – 15 July 2019 

by M. Y. Khan

Now in its Eleventh Edition, Indian Financial System continues to focus on emerging organizational/structural/institutional and regulatory/policy developments in the financial sector in India. The book comprehensively covers the development of the industrial financial system in India based on information from widely/scattered original sources — against the background of the planned growth of industry till the late eighties and the deregulated economic policy particularly after 1991.

Designed primarily for teachers and advanced students of finance, management and commerce, this book will also be useful to the financial and investment managers of corporates and financial institutions and the stock exchange community.

Salient Features:

• Comprehensive coverage on Foreign Direct Investment

• Special emphasis laid on the theories, concepts and business practices for facilitating swift decision making

• Updated regulatory and policy framework for NBF companies, Mutual Funds and Schemes, Credit Rating Agencies, IRDA regulations, Accounting/Reporting Framework and Taxation of Leasing etc.

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