Arabic: Basic Grammar and Language Comprehension (Fifth Semester UG CBCS University of Kashmir)

Unit I:

  1. A Brief Introduction to Arabic Language
  2. Arabic Alphabet
  3. Arabic Sounds
  4. Different shapes of Arabic letters
  5. Vowels: Short vowels and long
  6. Vowels

Unit II:

  1. Nouns
  2. Definite and indefinite noun
  3. Sun Letters and moon Letters
  4. Gender (masculine and Feminine)
  5. Number (Singular, Dual, Plural)

Unit III:

  1. Pronoun- Personal Pronoun
  2. Pronoun-Demonstrative Pronoun
  3. Phrase- Adjective Phrase
  4. Phrase- Possessive phrase

Unit IV:

Elementary vocabulary on the following topics:

  1. House
  2. Class Room
  3. Parts of Human Body
  4. Relations
  5. Days of Week
  6. Months
  7. Seasons
  8. Numbers (1-50)

Recommended Books:

  1. A Practical Approach to Arabic Language by Dr. Wali Akhter
  2. Arabic for beginners by Dr Syed Ali
  3. A new Arabic Grammar by John A. Haywood
  4. Essential Arabic by I A Faynan
  5. Teach Yourself Arabic by S A Rahman
  6. Arabic made Essay by Abdul Hashim
  7. Let’s Speak Arabic by S A Rahman


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